Selected Articles & Essays


Supporting Teens Through the Pandemic College Process, New York Times, October, 2020

Pay attention to what kids want and need.


How Will Small Businesses Bounce Back from the Pandemic?, August 2020

Small businesses grapple with a difficult choice: try to power through or close their doors.


Summer Camp with the Neighborhood Teens: Is it Worth the Risk? Washington Post, July 2020

Hiring a teenager to run a “camp”.


Covid-19 and Caring for Older Adults, USC Gerontology News, March 2020

Is it time to close nursing homes to visitors?


The true costs of child care and how to manage them,, November 2019

Caring for children has significant short and long-term costs – and they affect women above all else


Figuring Out a Budget For Your College Student, Next Avenue, November 2019

How much money should a parent provide?


Helping NFL Players Fuel Up for the Field, USC Gerontology News, June 2019

Profile of USC alumna Erica Capellino, the dietician for the Los Angeles Chargers


The USC Scientist Who Aims to Beat ALS, USC News, August 2018

Justin Ichida knows that for his patients, the clock is ticking


Which Banks Let You Personalize a Credit Card?, March 2017

Plastic that sports an image of your favorite pooch


Feeling Sick But Still Want to Exercise? Los Angeles Times, February 2016

Let the “neck rule” be your guide


Staying Fit with Good Posture, Los Angeles Times, May 2015

The spine gives structure to your life


A Spouse with ADHD Can Put Stress on a Marriage, Los Angeles Times, September 2014

Tips for spotting attention disorder in your significant other


How to Toddler-Proof Your Home,, May 2014

The baby’s crawling – now what?


Marcella Hazan’s Chicken Saved My Interfaith Family’s Shabbat Tradition, Kveller, April 2021

When I was 25, I fell in love with a Catholic man who attended Mass every Sunday. This was inconvenient because I was Jewish (with an asterick).


Why I Finally Let My Son Join the Boy Scouts, New York Times, November 2013

There is not a hint of discrimination among the leaders or scouts in this group, but it is not hard for me to extrapolate from this to the issues that have bedeviled the national organization. My son, however, has none of my reservations. From the very moment he started this journey, he’s been all in.


Our Choice, Literary Mama, November 2007

“Your triple-screen results are in, and they are showing an increased risk of Down’s syndrome,” said Dr. Nancy O’Neil. Her voice was like a BB gun: pop, pop, pop.

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