I’d love to help…

I’m a veteran of years of critique groups and manuscript exchanges, for personal essays as well as short stories and novel excerpts and manuscripts. I believe each one of us has stories only we can tell. I also believe only we can fully tell our own stories.

If you’re looking for proofreading or detailed line editing, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not your gal. If what you need, though, is someone to tell you where and how a piece of writing is succeeding or falling short — whether it’s a 500 word essay or a 50-page novel excerpt — I’d love to help. Email me and let’s get started. Rates begin at $100 and are customizable from there, depending on the project.

Connie’s reading of my novel was exceptionally helpful on both the macro and micro level. She gave me supportive feedback when I nailed a scene and candidly pointed out when I didn’t, along with giving me helpful suggestions on how I might fix the issue or clarify a character’s arc. Her comments on the doc and during our Zoom sessions helped me to better define some of my characters’ histories and motivations and convey their emotional journeys more convincingly. I highly recommend her insightful editorial services!

Amy Brecount White

Author, 'Forget-Her-Nots'. Arlington, Virginia

Connie has provided me excellent feedback not just on essays but on story pitches that have landed me assignments with The New York Times and Wired. She knows how to zoom in on what’s working and what’s not. Whenever I need another set of eyes, I reach out to her because I know she’ll get back to me quickly with suggestions that improve my work.

Debby Waldman

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

One of the challenges I face in writing my first novel is creating enough tension in each scene. Connie and I went back to the basics of my characters’ motivations and my rewrite really took shape. She has a keen ear and the invaluable ability to pull back and see the story as a whole.

Deborah Harada

Honolulu, Hawaii

Where many editors simply look to shape or refine your existing work, Connie finds the holes, the missing moments, the extra tension or twist that will bring your character to life and ratchet up the stakes in your story, essay or article. She makes you want to write better and makes the editing process a pleasure. She is extraordinary.

Shawn Hubler

Los Angeles, California

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